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Pet Safety For The Holidays

It’s not always an easy task to keep your pet pals safe during regular days, and it can be a bit more challenging during the holiday season! With all the added potential dangers, such as lights, ornaments and plants, this can add to a pet parent’s worries in an already stressful time of year.
Here are some quick and easy tips that will help you avoid these dangers and allow your furry friend to join on in the festivities:

1.) Holiday plants, such as mistletoe and holly, are staples in most celebrations, but pet parents should know that they are poisonous to cats and dogs. If these plants are normally used as decorations, make sure they’re kept in places where pets can’t reach them.

2.) Place lit candles as far away from your pet’s reach as possible. Fireplaces should have safety screens as well.

3.) Inspect all exposed electricity wires to avoid accidents. Tape these indoor and outdoor wires to your wall or to the side of the house.

4.) Distance yourself from your pet when you need to gift wrap presents. It takes a very short amount of time for them to accidentally ingest string, wrapping paper, cloth or plastic and it can cause an intestinal blockage. Make sure that scissors are not within their reach as well so avoid placing it on low furniture or floors.

5.) If you’re holding a holiday party, give your pet a quiet area where they can stay and place clean water and warm blankets for them. Shy pets tend to retreat from noise and crowds so it’s best to give them a corner of their own.

6.) It’s easy to be distracted by New Year’s Eve celebrations, but remember that noisy party favors and fireworks tend to scare animals and can lead to hearing damage. Secure your pets by keeping them in a safe room as midnight nears.


7.) Avoid placing holiday lights on a tree’s lower branches because your pet can get tangled in them. This can result in an accidental shock as they bite through the wire trying to escape.



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