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Pets Are Great for Your Social Life!

According to a study by Mintel, a consumer intelligence company, over half of America’s pet owners believe that their furry friends are better for their social life than a social media account is. You can read the original article on The Huffington Post.

And why not? Who inspires you to get out every day the way a dog does?

And while you don’t typically walk a cat, those who love cats still find ways to get together in person. There are cat lover’s meet-ups here in the DC area, for example.

Nevertheless, pet lovers don’t necessarily want to abandon social media.

“16 percent of pet owners are interested in technologies that may enhance their relationship with their pets. Also 17 percent said they would like to receive pet related offers on their phones.

While they may prefer petting to typing, that doesn’t mean that pet owners want to abandon Facebook. Social media analyst at Mintel Gabi Lieberman said that while pet shop owners used to be the go-to for pet owners to learn how to care for their pets, social media has taken over as the means for pet owners to explore and share their pet related experiences.”

Did you know that there are several social networks that are just for pet owners? Gus covered several of them in his article in the Georgetown Patch last month. And, of course, there are plenty of places that you can travel with your pets right here in DC. That means you have lots of opportunities to meet people that aren’t necessarily open to people in other cities.

Want peeps? Get pets!

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