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Pets Can Get Sunburn Too!

SunbathePetIn a previous post we talked about summer safety for pets. We mentioned that hot asphalt can burn a pet’s tender paws.

Did you know that pets can get sunburn, too? We can’t always see it through their fur, but it’s true. Fur is no protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Just check out this article from Seattle’s KomoNews.com.

You don’t have to keep your pet indoors all summer long to protect them, however. Pets can use sunscreen, too.

You need a broad spectrum sun screen that doesn’t contain any zinc oxide. Read the label very carefully before applying any sunscreen to your pet’s body just to be sure.

If your pet licks up any zinc-oxide based sunscreen their red blood cells could explode. The resulting anemia is usually life-threatening and requires a blood transfusion.

You also want to avoid salicytes if you’re putting sunscreen on a cat.

Children’s sunscreen is often a good bet so long as it doesn’t contain either of these unsafe ingredients.

There are other things you can do to protect your pet as well. If your dog will tolerate it, a t-shirt can be very helpful. You can even find sunglasses made specifically for pets.

If you keep your pet outdoors, remember to provide plenty of shady areas and lots of water. Not only are pets susceptible to sun burn just like a human, but they’re susceptible to heat stroke, too.

Finally, if at all possible, you should keep your pets indoors during the heat of the day. The hours of 10 am to 3 pm usually offer the most intense UV rays, so keep that in mind when planning outdoor time and summer fun.

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