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Prosthetic Limbs for Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones who sometimes lose limbs. Pets can too–often after an accident or other tragedy.

Animal Orthocare is a rare veterinary practice that helps animals who lose limbs. In fact, we know JR, the dog mentioned in a recent Fairfax Times article about the practice. JR is one of our happy clients! That’s one reason we wanted to showcase Animal Orthocare and the work that they do.

Not knowing that prosthetics offers an alternative, veterinarians often suggest full amputation…a prosthesis can replace a paw or a leg as long as there is still a stump to which it can be attached. If a surgeon performs full amputation it would be too late.

Prosthesis can also save owners the expense of a surgery. While veterinary surgeries can run to $5000, a typical prosthesis from Animal Orthocare costs $500 – $700.

JR wanted us to help spread the word about this awesome option to as many peeps as possible. We couldn’t tell him no. 🙂

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