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Why Puppy Owners Should Hire A Sitter

Raising a puppy is hard work. You invest your time, commitment, energy and your love to give your puppy all that they need. The amount of time and attention you have to give can be a challenge for pet owners who work full time.

You will probably be concerned about leaving your puppy behind and you would want to assure yourself that your puppy is safe, healthy and happy. Your puppy needs a lot of attention for the first few months and hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker while you are at work is the best and safest solution.

Pet sitters come and stay with your puppy during the day and they make sure that all of your puppy’s needs are given. The puppy will be fed, their needs attended to, play with other puppies and will definitely get some much needed exercise!

Make sure that you have the tools that the pet sitter might need for your puppy. You should have a cozy space with a comfortable dog bed in your puppy-proof home, fresh water that is readily available, dog food and, of course, toys! Entertaining toys for your puppy can keep them occupied for 30 minutes on average. After playtime, your puppy will most likely be happily tired and will then rest and sleep until you arrive from work.

You might be thinking that your puppy can manage on their own or maybe there are ways you can prepare some of the necessities the puppy might need. However, that doesn’t give you the assurance that they are happy or well-tended to.

The ultimate goal here is to keep your puppy happy. Whenever possible, try to spend a lot of quality time with your puppy. Wake up earlier than usual to jog around with him or her, play an active game with them, or bring home some treats after getting off from work. You might feel exhausted from a long day at work, but try to do some activities and hang out with your puppy.

It can be challenging to have a new puppy. You will have to make sacrifices and compromises — but it’s positively possible!

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