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Raising Awareness: Pet Diabetes

Did you know that pets can get diabetes just like humans do? Most people don’t know, which is why November has been designated as Pet Diabetes Month (in addition to Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month and Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

The signs and symptoms are much like the symptoms of human diabetes, too. Look for excessive thirst, frequent urination, and lethargy. If you observe any of these symptoms you should get your pet to the vet right away.

Preventing Diabetes in Cats

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, DMV, JD suggests switching from dry, kibbled cat food, which she calls “breakfast cereal for cats” and “kitty junk food” on her site, YourDiabeticCat.com. Instead, she suggests feeding cats canned meat products.

Preventing Diabetes in Dogs

According to Dr. Stephan R Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH, canine diabetes can also be prevented by adopting a grain-free diet. He also suggests using a charcoal filtered water fountain (a water option that is better for cats and dogs alike). He has several other suggestions for treating dogs and for preventing their condition as well–his article is well worth a read.

Pet Diabetes Can Be Managed

Don’t despair if your pet has already developed diabetes. The condition can be managed. The key is making sure you get your pet checked out right away. The earlier you catch it, the better your pets will fare.

Remember, our pet-sitting service does include the administration of medication. You can still go on vacation when you have a diabetic pet, because they’ll be in good hands with us.

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