PO Box 73332, Washington, DC 20056
+1 202-232-7387
At our Ristorante we bring you a little piece of Italy.
+49 30 26050
True italian cuisine

Our daily challenge: highest quality ingredients according to traditional recipes freshly interpreted and served with a lot of passion for the guest! Enjoy fine Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite service. We are very pleased to welcome you as guests in our restaurant.

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Discover all our perfect dishes, crafted with love! 

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handpicked with love

Daily Our Chief visit the best in area Farmers Market, and choose there fresh and halfy vegets, herbs, meat and other ingridients to ou special dishes.

live cooked Seafood
What our guests say
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Benjamin H.

Overall, we were more than happy with Pet Peeps and Gus’ team, and the earnest recommendations of the front desk staff at our building, who knew him on a first-name basis because of his popularity among the building’s many pet owners, all but spoke for itself. We will gladly call him again!

Thom H.

Big Kudos and thanks to Pet Peeps.

We’re longtime customers — Pet Peeps was wonderful with our elder terrier and they have been equally helpful with our occasionally-peevish/always-demanding hound.

Gina F.

They think of everything, and our pet is as well cared for as if we were here. And I love the texts to let me know they were here and that he’s healthy (and more importantly, hasn’t gotten into anything he shouldn’t be in).

yelp robin
Robin T.

I have had a great experience with Pet Peeps! I have used Pet Peeps the past few years for pet visits for my two cats whenever I go out of town.  The cats were well taken care of and the litter box was kept clean. I requested that the sitter text message me when they would stop by and they would always do so and sometimes send photos of the cats!

Pet Peeps was founded in Washington, DC in 2006 by Gus Elfving, who is still heavily involved in daily operations and customer care.

Gus founded Pet Peeps after working for a number of other DC area pet sitting services and deciding there was room for a DC pet sitting company with a true passion for and commitment to pets. Like an entourage for their clients’ pets, Pet Peeps’ motto is “Your pet got peeps.”

Pet Peeps offers comprehensive services including pet sitting for day or overnight, dog walking, pet feeding and watering, litter box maintenance, cat play sessions and more. A full list of services and prices is available on the company site

Pet Peeps belongs to a number of professional associations such as Pet Sitters International, the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Gus is very involved with the national association and has served as Chair of the Membership Committee and on the Members Benefits Committee. More about the Pet Peeps network can be found on the company site

Because of the quality of service, Pet Peeps has continued to expand despite stiff competition and troubled economic times. Currently, Pet Peeps services a client base of 900 owners, and growing.

Pet Peeps employs 30+ qualified and experienced pet sitters.

Pet Peeps believes in attending to one client at a time with personalized service.

Pet Peeps believes in home-based care, going to client pets in their home environment to reduce the risk of stress, illness and injury.

Pet Peeps partners with local shelters and animal rescue organizations, such as the City Dog Rescue group, and supports animal charities like Pets 4 Vets, who provide service dogs to veterans.

Whenever possible, Pet Peeps employs earth-friendly practices.

908 Northwest Lützowpl. 17, 10785 Berlin, DC 20037, Germany