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Safer Alternatives To Pet Travel

Pet travel, especially during the busy holiday season, can be too much trouble for you and your furry friends. Having them stay at home where they’re safe and secure allows for peace of mind that is rarely had when travelling with pets. Here are the best options you can take when deciding to leave your pet at home when traveling during the holidays:

  • Hire A Pet Sitter

Connecting with an accredited pet sitter is miles better (and easier) than convincing a neighbor, friend or relative to look after your pets during the holidays. Aside from the professional knowledge, training and experience they have, they offer the choice of staying with your pets for the majority of the day or checking in on them in frequent intervals. Great pet sitters (like our trusted Peeps!) will also help to reinforce training and be a caring face while you’re on holiday. This option is perfect for pets who are most comfortable at home. However, private in-home boarding is also available as an alternative! This is where one of our Peeps cares for your pet in their own home and you’ll come back from your holiday to a happy and relaxed pet, instead of one who is stressed or attention-starved.

  • Hire a Dog Walker

If a relative or friend is already around to take care of your dogs, but they won’t be able to take them out on walks, consider hiring a pro dog walker. Exercise is still very important, no matter what season, and the danger of a pet becoming overweight over the holidays is very real if they don’t get the right amount of exercise.

A Peep can happily drop by your home to take your dog on walks – an easy and inexpensive way to keep your dog’s health in tip-top shape! Since mid-day walks are more often than not a dog’s second favorite part of the day (aside from meals, that is), then this is a must-have for when you’re out of town.

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