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Senior Pets And The Care They Require

As our dogs age, they require more attention and care. It’s up to pet parents to monitor their wellbeing and take measures to keep their furry friends as happy and healthy as they can be during their senior years. Here are some ways you can care for your senior dog:

  • Maintain A Healthy Weight

If extra pounds on younger pups can stress their body, this is even more harmful for senior pets. Their joints and internal organs are at risk of being damaged with every extra pound. If you feel your senior pet needs to shed some weight, speak with your vet about a proper exercise and weight loss plan.

  • Feed A Nutritious Diet

While a healthy diet is important no matter what age, ensuring your senior pet gets the proper nutrition is critical to keeping them active. Speak with your vet about the type of diet that your pet needs and ask about special formulas, brands and ingredients that your pet needs to stay playful and thriving.

  • Get The Proper Amount Of Exercise

Just because your senior dog may be slowing down doesn’t mean that he should spend the rest of his days cooped up in your apartment! Exercise is key to keeping your dog in tip top shape, both mentally and physically. Short, regular walks will keep him feeling at his best. While this may be difficult with a full schedule, hiring a dog walker will be a great help.

  • Schedule Annual Dental Visits

Senior pets are more susceptible to dangerous dental issues. Tartar build up can lead to gingivitis, which can result in bacteria getting into the bloodstream and severely damaging your pet’s organs. Don’t forget regular brushing at home and yearly teeth cleanings with your vet.

  • Maintain Regular Vet Check Ups

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that pet parents take their senior pets to the vets at least every 6 months for a general check up. With regular visits, many health issues can be treated because they’re discovered early enough.

With the changing needs of senior dogs, it might be difficult to implement these measures while juggling a full-time job. In times like these, don’t forget that your Pets have Peeps who are more than happy to give them the care they deserve.

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