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Skyping Your Pets?

We found an interesting post on the Skype blog recently. It suggested that Skype could be a vital tool for keeping pets happy and healthy while you’re gone.

There were ten different suggestions; you can read them all here.

We took particular notice of suggestion #5–using Skype to communicate with your pet sitter while you are traveling. This is not a bad idea at all!

After all, it’s very important for pet parents and pet sitters to keep the lines of communication open at all times. This is just one more way to do it, a way that gives you the added bonus of being able to say hi to your pet if your pet would not be confused or frightened by the experience.

But whether you have Skype or not, pets are generally more comfortable in their own homes–not out traveling with you.

You can also spare yourself other logistical problems, such as figuring out what to do if you need to make a quick store run with your pet in the car in 99 degree weather when you’re 200 miles from home.

Win-win, for both you and your pets–especially since technology can help you closely connected to your pets every day!

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