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Spring is in full swing and that means those spring pests are definitely here too!

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The beautiful early spring brings green grass, blooming flowers and perhaps more time spent outdoors for your pets. Playing outdoors increases exposure to springtime pests, namely, insects that can affect you and your pets including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Insects become more active as the weather gets warmer, which means dogs and cats may be increasingly likely to pick up the pest when they play outside. Follow these easy tips to protect your pets from springtime pests and have a delightful spring outdoors together!

Be aware: Check your pets for insects after they have been playing outdoors. Do your best to leave the ticks outside- do not bring any ticks into the house on their fur – a pet comb can help conduct a thorough inspection of their fur.

Supervise: While you’re outdoors with your pet, it’s a great time to guide and train them to stay in safe areas away from any dangers.

Avoid: Be mindful of keeping your pet away from slugs and snails, as they can carry lungworm.

Prevention: Flea and tick drops can be used to kill mites on any pets over the age of eight weeks. However, these treatments can be harsh and natural remedies prove to be similarly effective if you are diligent! For a natural remedy, consider adding garlic to every one of your pet’s meals, as this will help to keep your animals free of fleas. Sulphur can also be added to your pet’s diet on a once a week basis to help keep your pet flea-free. Please keep in mind that these solutions may take about four to six weeks before they are effective.

Remember that being aware of the issue and tackling it quickly can help to avoid high vet bills in the future and reduce the chance of your pet suffering from a more serious disease. Of course, always speak with your vet or animal healthcare professional about the best course of action for your pet- but do it quickly, as your pets want to enjoy the spring weather as much as you do!

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