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Summer Safety For Pets

Summer is officially starting in just a few weeks—are you and your pets ready for the sizzling season? The warm days we’re experiencing are just a taste of what we’ll be seeing as the temperature steadily climbs, so make sure to protect your furry friends from potentially dangerous situations.

Heat stroke is a common ailment that can develop in any pet, but dogs are the most common victims. The symptoms start with panting, drooling and red gums. Soon, your canine companion’s body temperature can climb to more than 106 degrees. If your dog continues to be exposed to heat, his or her organs will begin to fail. Fluid buildup can begin in the lungs and cardiopulmonary arrest may occur. As this stage, your pet might begin to pace and seem disoriented. What can follow is definitely very worrying, so please make sure it doesn’t reach this stage!

Those who are at a higher risk of getting heat stroke are the very young pups, older dogs, overweight pets, and those with shorter snouts (brachycephalic). They are not as able at dissipating heat, and problems can occur easily even in mild conditions. Heat stroke can even happen while pets are in the shade, especially if they are one of the higher-risk pets. Weather fluctuations also make it more challenging for animals to adjust because it doesn’t allow them to acclimate to the changes.

Other dangers include the hot asphalt and cement that can hurt your dog’s footpads. Pets with little to no fur can also get sunburns. Light coated dogs and most cats are at high risk, and skin cancer may also develop in these parts of their bodies.

During the summer months, your pet should be monitored much more often. Avoid exercising once the temperature rises to more than 85 degrees and don’t forget that if it’s too hot for you to outside barefoot, then the same goes for your pets. Make sure they’re fully hydrated and safe indoors as much as possible. During times when you have to be at work for extended hours or unable to monitor your furry friends, don’t forget that your pets got peeps!

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