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Tips For Choosing A Pet Sitter

If you’re planning on going on holiday or staying late at work, you might try to ask a friend or a family member to take care of your pets for you. But what options do you have if no one’s available (or willing) to pet sit for you? This is the perfect time to consider hiring a professional pet sitter.

Choosing the right pet sitter takes a bit more effort than clicking the first link or calling the first number you see. Take a look at some helpful guidelines when choosing a pet sitter:

  • Make sure that the pet sitting company is fully bonded and insured in your area.
  • Check your social circle! Word of mouth is a great way to find the right pet services company for you. Ask family or friends who have had great experiences with a particular company and ask for details.
  • Check if the company is constantly available for phone or email inquiries.
  • As much as possible, ask the potential pet sitter to visit your home so they can introduce their selves to your pet and you can get to know them as well.
  • Ask if the pet sitting company is part of some well-known pet sitting associations, like Pet Sitters International or the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (which Pet Peeps is a proud member of!).
  • Provide your pet’s medical history as well as contact information for your vet. Place all needed supplies, such as food, treats, medicine and others in a highly visible location.
  • Before leaving your pet for the first time, try to observe your new pet sitter or walker.
  • Nervous about being away from your pet? Work out a way to get pet sitters to check in with you, such as sending a photo from time to time or leaving a written note detailing what happened during an afternoon walk. Communication is key to establishing a great relationship with a pet sitter or walker.
  • You know your pet better than anyone else. Monitor your pet’s behavior and condition after finding a new sitter and take note of irregularities, like severe exhaustion or weight loss.


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