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Tips For A Successful Vet Visit

Many pet parents feel a mix of emotions when they’re waiting at a vet’s office lobby before their appointment. Some are anxious over what could happen during the checkup, while others worry they might forget to ask the important questions. Here are some need-to-know tips for a successful vet visit:

  • When scheduling a vet appointment, tell the receptionist the exact reason why you’re visiting.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many pet owners make the mistake of being too vague when calling to schedule an appointment. A benefit of being clear with the receptionist is that they often tell you the best times to visit, like quiet times that are perfect for anxious pets.

  • Don’t forget vet lobby etiquette!

Maintaining the right control over your pets is very important. It’s not only a matter of proper manners, but one of safety as well. If you can’t bring your pet in a secure carrier, then the next best thing is to attach a sturdy harness and leash.

  • If you can’t arrive early, at least be there on time.

You wouldn’t want your own doctor to rush your visit because you arrived late, and the same thing applies for your vet. They might not be able to give a thorough checkup or address all important concerns because they’ll need to attend to other waiting clients.

  • Take down notes.

Relying on your memory can be very risky when it comes to your pet’s health. Write down a list of concerns covering the specific questions you want to talk to your vet about, and note down their answers as well.

  • Bring your pet’s medical records if you’re visiting a new vet.

When you’re visiting a new vet, have copies of your pet’s medical records onhand. Most of the time, receptionists can get the medical records in advance if you call ahead and tell them who your previous vet was.

  • If possible, ask for an estimate of the costs.

Talking about finances isn’t a taboo, especially in relatively high-cost areas like DC. While you’re scheduling an appointment over the phone, you can ask for an estimate so you can prepare for the expense. If you feel the cost is a bit too high, ask for alternatives that are less expensive.

Pet parents know their pets better than anyone else, so don’t forget to follow these tips to ensure your furry friends get the proper care and medical attention that they need.


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