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Tips On Hiring A Pet Sitter For The Holidays

The holidays can put everyone in a daze, especially when people are preparing to go on a trip out of town. If you hired a pet sitter for the holidays, it can easy to forgot some necessities that will make sure that your pets are given the best care. Make sure the following things are completed before leaving your pets with a pet sitter for the holidays:

  1. If there are any changes with your pets, such as a new medication, eating routine or vet, you should definitely inform your sitter as soon as possible.
  2. Remember to have your pets’ medications easily accessible, but not somewhere that your pets can reach.
  3. Kindly leave enough supplies, such as treats, pet food, litter, etc, for all of your pets. If you only have a few pounds of litter for 7 cats and will be away for a week, this definitely won’t be enough. Having the proper supplies means caring for your pets is as snag-free as it can be.
  4. Keep your cellphone with you when you’re away just in case your Peep needs to contact you in an emergency. Having to wait for an extended period of time while waiting for a response can be very risky, especially in the case of a medical emergency.
  5. If you previously had a Peep sit for your pets, let them know if you’ve changed any passwords, locks or alarm codes.
  6. Trust that our Peep will be there for your pets! Some pet parents can feel nervous about how their pets are doing, especially if it’s their first time to hire a pet sitter for the holidays. At Pet Peeps, we take pride in being able to provide professional care for all your furry friends.
  7. If you asked a neighbor or relative to occasionally drop by or house sit, please let your sitter know. This is so your Peep would know to expect someone in your home, and so they won’t have a conflict of schedules if they care for your pets too.

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