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Today is the Kick-Off for National Justice for Animals Week

The puppy above is Sunny, the mascot for National Justice for Animals Week. National Justice for Animals Week starts today, and there’s a great deal of work to do.

National Justice for Animals Week is a creation of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. We’ll let them tell you what it’s all about in their own words.

Animals can’t speak for themselves–even when they are horribly abused. It is our duty to be their voice and make sure cases involving animal victims get heard in courts. … Every year, we dedicate one week to raising awareness about how to report cases of animal abuse and how to work locally to strengthen animal protection laws and enforcement.

Visiting this link will give you a different action that you can take every day this week to fulfill this important mission. We’ll be following along on our own social channels too, so be sure to stay tuned.

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