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Top 7 Tips in Choosing an Exotic Pet

Ever since the birth of Pet Peeps, we’ve been adamant about providing the best care and services for your Very Important Pet. When it’s time to choose a new furry or not-quite-furry family member, we’re also here to help you make the best choices! After all, we all want our next pet to feel their best in their forever home.

When considering an exotic pet, it’s crucial to think about the reasons you want a certain type and the expected care that they require. Purchasing an exotic pet has always been a controversial issue, but there are several instances where all goes well because a pet parent took enough time to consider things before making the leap. Here are the top 7 quick things to keep in mind when choosing an exotic pet:

  • Do you know the basics of caring for your exotic pet?

If purchasing an exotic pet is an impulse buy, try and hold off for a moment to learn as much as you can about your potential pet. You’ll need different supplies and equipment to make their transfer to your home as smooth as possible.

  • Why do you want the exotic pet?

Think about your motivation. Many people want to get an exotic animal because of a certain trend or how it looks cool but this might be a wrong choice in the long run. Getting a pet is a lifelong commitment and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed once the initial novelty fades away.

  • Is it legal to own the pet in your city/state?

More and more Americans are choosing to purchase an exotic pet, and the list of legal exotic pets keeps growing. Find out if it’s illegal to keep the exotic pet you’re interested in because ignoring this step might lead to heartbreak and legal issues.

  • Are you ready to take on all the expenses that come with caring for an exotic pet?

If you think the cost of your pet is steep, the expenses that come with specialty food, housing, veterinary visits and supplies can be far greater. Consider if you can afford the maintenance cost of keeping a pet.

  • Do you have the proper housing and equipment?

Your new pet needs enough space in your home to feel comfortable, and they require their own special housing as well. Consider the type of necessary housing they need and if it can fit in your home. Would they require special equipment such as UV lighting as well?

  • What do you plan to do when you need to go on holiday or stay at work late?

Just like dogs and cats, exotic pets need sitting too! When you’re off on a quick weekend getaway or need to work late, remember that many exotic pets require extra care so don’t think twice about getting a professional sitter to take care of your VIP for you.

  • Are you familiar with the dietary requirements?

While commercially prepared and packaged food is available for a wide range of animals, other pets will need a mix of fresh food prepared every day, while some might even need live insects or mice as part of their diets.

Got more questions about the process of choosing an exotic pet? Give us a shoutout and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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