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Train Your Dog Daily During Dog Training Education Month

Dog Training Month

February is Dog Training Education Month, and Dog Training Central has a fully calendar of daily activities you can participate in with your dog to establish or enhance his training.

According to Dog Training Central’s schedule, every day you can focus on a new aspect of training. Of course, if you think one topic a day might be too rigorous a schedule for your dog, you can slow it down and expand the schedule to teach one new aspect of training each week, or every 2 weeks, and beyond. The daily activities suggested by Dog Training Central are just ideas that you can change to tailor to your dog’s temperament and needs. The point is to train your dog every day in some way.

For example, this week’s schedule suggested by Dog Training Central includes:

February 11 – Tracking

February 12 – Sledding

February 13 – Search and rescue

February 14 – Rollerblade

February 15 – Ring sport

February 16 – Rally obedience

February 17 – Tricks

February 18 – Field trials

It’s likely your dog won’t need to know all those things, and you may not have the means or experience to train all those ideas yourself. But if your dog could benefit from training in at least one of the ideas, why not focus on that idea for the whole week and really reinforce the training?

Dog Training Central’s schedule may also teach you some aspects or types of training you didn’t even know existed, giving you a starting point to research how best to train your dog in disciplines you think he’d benefit from knowing.

The more you work with your dog the better your bond will be. So jump in and participate in Dog Training Month. You may both enjoy it!

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