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Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?


Not all pet sitters are created equal. This is especially true when comparing a professional pet sitter with someone who is untrained. When hiring a sitter, it is crucial to ensure that you have chosen the right pet care provider to look over your beloved pet.

More and more pet parents are hiring professional pet sitters each day to benefit from the advantages of in-home pet care. Take a look at some perks to hiring an accredited sitter:

  • Pet Distress No More!

When pets need care and attention and no one is there to provide it, it raises their stress levels. With a trained sitter to look after them, happy pets are here to stay.

  • Health & Wellness Routines Are Continued

Being consistent with your pet’s daily walks, meals and other routines can be challenging when you’re away at work all day. Proper diet and exercise just on weekends is a definite no-no! Pet sitters can schedule a quick drop-in to feed  your furry and not-so-furry friends or take your dogs for an afternoon walk.

  • No Need To Call On Unwilling Or Untrained Relatives & Friends

Every pet parent has had to make that call. Ringing up a family member or friend unannounced because of a pet sitting emergency is not a good experience for anyone involved.

  • Stress From Pet Travel = Eliminated

Keeping your pets at home is safer for them and for you as well. On roadtrips, pets can be a dangerous distraction. Taking them on flights is very risky for their health as well. If they’re staying with a sitter, they’ll be comfortable and relaxed in the safety of your home.

  • Minimized Exposure To Illness & Danger

An added source of worry is not knowing whether you’ll be coming home to a shredded sofa or a pet nibbling on something possibly toxic. A knowledgable professional can make sure that potential dangers are kept well away from your pets.

  • Local Experts Know Best

When you hire a pet sitter that’s accredited by a local network, you’re guaranteed excellent services from businesses that know the type of care needed for pets within your area.

The National Capital Area Professional Pet Sitters Network, which promotes professional pet sitting in the DC Metro area, including Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland professional, maintains a membership base of sitters that are extremely competent, insured and bonded. Pet Peeps  is a proud member of the NCA Professional Pet Sitters Network (and several other trusted organizations).

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