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How to Keep Pets Safe this Winter

Cold weather brings some unique challenges for pet parents. Cats and dogs can get colder than we think they can, natural fur coats notwithstanding.

There are other safety challenges as well. As your Washington, DC pet sitters we wanted to take just a few moments to offer some safety reminders.

Keep pets indoors.

Don’t assume that a dog house is enough. They may not be insulated enough, and if they aren’t raised off the ground they can become flooded with snow melt. Outdoor water supplies also tend to freeze, and licking the ice can lower a dog’s body temperature in a deadly way. Keep taking Fido out for walks, but never leave a pet out of doors unsupervised.

Cute doggie sweaters? Yes!

Breeds with thin coats really do need those cute doggie sweaters. So go right ahead and bundle them up guilt-free.

Clean their paws.

The last thing you want is for your pet to lick a bunch of de-icing salt off of their toes. Gently wipe your pet’s paws with a warm, damp rag after each trip outdoors.

You can even give your pets little booties. Hey, they’ll match the sweater, and they’ll save you a paw cleaner!

Watch out for antifreeze.

Antifreeze is a deadly poison. Apparently some dogs and cats also think it’s delicious, however, so make sure you keep it well out of the reach of all of your fur babies.

All of us here at pet peeps hope that you continue to have a happy, safe winter!

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